It’s that time..

It’s that time of year folks, it’s College Football Season. If you know me.. or even if you’re on my plurk.. you know i’m a die hard Auburn Fan. My colors are Orange and Blue, I yell War Eagle, and i scream and yell my head off during Auburn Games and dress up for the […]

Strawberry Singh’s Blog Meme

  The Blog meme this time is about groups… and i love groups so i was happy to do this blog challange. You can find the Blog meme here.  Have you reached the 42 group limit? yep, a long time ago. i dont know how i ever survived with just 25 groups. Do you do a […]

New @ Thats so {Kyoot}

Peyton a.k.a Sprinklz asked me if i’d blog 1 of her new releases and gave me my choice. I didn’t have to look past this outfit.. i love it. It’s so adorable and has bright colors. This outfit is called Cammie, the outfit comes with everything i’m wearing plus a hairbow and bracelets and is […]

She’s a Butterfly

“Whisper a wish to a butterfly and it will fly up to heaven and make it come true” “She’s a butterfly, pretty as the crimson sky Nothing’s ever gonna bring her down And everywhere she goes Everybody knows she’s so glad to be alive She’s a butterfly” Credits Hair: Elikatira – Other Brown 6 Eyes: […]

a few moments of peace

“As water reflects the face, so ones life reflects the heart.” -Proverbs 27:19 It’s been a trying few days..mainly in RL, of course i rarely open up about that stuff. Also in SL yesterday, i found out Ms. Millie passed away in RL.. i didn’t know her as well as others but it hurts my […]

Fairytale Magic

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way. Implicity and unquestionably” -Walt Disney If you know me, you know i love Disney and fairytales. Cinderella is one of my favorites. I think i own every version of cinderella there is.  Something about waking up poor and in rags 1 day..and the […]