Fairytale Magic

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way. Implicity and unquestionably”
-Walt Disney





If you know me, you know i love Disney and fairytales. Cinderella is one of my favorites. I think i own every version of cinderella there is.  Something about waking up poor and in rags 1 day..and the next night going to sleep in a palace is so amazing and watching the people who made you feel so miserable, be left behind while your dreams come true is even more awesome.

The lessons it taught me i think is what i love the most. That miracles can take a little time, if you just have patience. That no matter how you feel, if you just keep on believing..your dreams will come true.


Shape: Cute Bytes Toddleedoo Mesh Baby Shape & Personal Shape
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Ikon
Pajamas: Pixie Dust Zebra Splash Pajama Set
Cinderella/Poor Dress: Petite Bowtique Rags Dress
Cinderella Gown: Inner Peace Cinderella
Hair 1&4: Raspberry Fae Hair – Brown Cocoa
Hair 2: Elikatira Falling – Brown 06
Hair 3: Elikatira Away – Brown 06
Pose 1: .click. Fairytale Magic Gacha 1 @ Woodland Treasures Gacha Event
Pose 2 & 3: .click. Fairytale Magic Gacha 7 (Rare) @ Woodland Treasures Gacha Event
Pose 4: .click. Fairytale Magic Gacha 8 (Rare) @ Woodland Treasures Gacha Event


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