It’s that time..

It’s that time of year folks, it’s College Football Season. If you know me.. or even if you’re on my plurk.. you know i’m a die hard Auburn Fan. My colors are Orange and Blue, I yell War Eagle, and i scream and yell my head off during Auburn Games and dress up for the games (it’s a southern thing, y’all wouldn’t understand). I’ll bleed orange and blue till the day i die and i believe in Auburn and I love it, win or lose it’s ALWAYS great to be an Auburn Tiger.


Mouthie: Personal Auburn Ticket Mouthie
Face Tattoo: Alexahol
Dress: Dash of Dulce Custom Auburn Dress
Boots: Dash of Dulce Custom Boots
Pose with Football & Helmet Props: .click. Football

“War Eagle fly down the field
ever to conquer, never to yield,
War Eagle, fearless and true
fight on you, orange and blue
on to vic’try strike up the band
Give ’em hell, Give ’em Hell
Stand up and yell HEY!
War Eagle win for Auburn
Power of Dixieland”


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