New releases at {KMB}

Hey everyone, Ryleigh Button asked me to be a blogger for her and i’ve been slacking lately so here’s a bunch of releases in 1 post!


If you love Dr. Who then these are for you, they come in both TD baby and kid sized. Each outfit comes with a hud for capri’s as well. From left to right the outfits are Allons-y Tee & Capri set, Call the Doctor Tee & Capri set, Don’t Blink Tee & Capri set, and Tardis Tee & Capri set. 


All you little princesses out there will like this outfit, Be a Princess Tee & Capri set also comes in TD baby & Kid size




This is another little princessy outfit that you’ll like called Bella fit. Also comes in TD Baby & Kid sized.





This Mrs. Styles Tee doesn’t come with the capri’s it’s just the shirt, also available in baby and kid size for TD.




My favorite… maybe slightly because i’m a disney freak. All these tops are in a gacha at her store, as you can see she has Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Snow White. They’re all in TD Baby & Kid Size and are transfer so you can trade with your friends. 

You can find them all here

Happy Shopping 🙂


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