So many books, so little time

“Books are mirrors of the soul”
– Virginia Woolf



I don’t know about any of you, but I love to read. Since October I have been reading The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices book series, they are both by the same author Cassandra Clare. Infernal Devices is a 3 book series that is the prequel to Mortal Instruments. I am currently half way through Clockwork Princess, the 3rd and final book of Infernal Devices. After i’m finished I’m going to read the last 2 books of mortal instruments, i’m hoping i get them finished before the final book of mortal instruments is released in May. After that I plan on reading Divergent, The hunger games (better late than never), and i don’t know what else yet.. i’m making a list.

I am the kind of reader that I get so into my book that I feel the emotions of the characters in the books I read, when I was a kid I enjoyed silent reading time in class and I was the kid who got in trouble for reading past my bedtime. I loved The Babysitters Club, Boxcar Children, anything by Ronald Dahl, and reading my moms old Bobbsey Twin books.

To sum it up, i’m a Bibliophile. A Bibliophile is a lover of books; someone who finds joy and peace of mind while holding a quality book.


Shape: Cute Bytes Toddleedoo Mesh Baby Shape + Personal Shape
Skin: Curio
Eyes: IKON
Hair: -LaViere- Melanie n May – Browns – Woodbark (available @ The Seasons Story)
Outfit: -DD- Abaigeal Outfit (store no longer in world or on marketplace)
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy} Boston Glasses (Tortoiseshell) (from Chapter 4, may not be available in stores)
Pose 1 and prop: .click. Tiny Librarian 2
Pose 2 and prop: .click. Tiny Librarian 4


Bookshelves: Alouette Georgia Bookcase РLight
pile of books on the floor: floorplan. book clutter


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